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The time has come again, First Robotics Competition is here once again! This year's game is CRESCENDO! In Crescendo your goal is to score 14" diameter rings, also known as notes, into the speaker. Both items shown below.

14" Note
Our practice speaker

Our practice amp

Another place of scoring is the amp which not only allows you to gain point by scoring into it, but it also allows you to gain powerups, such as the amped modifier, during games.

Our Practice Human Player Station

Another game piece is the human player station, this is where robots will load the notes into their intakes. The last game piece this year is the stage, where your robot will hang and try to score a piece in the trap. As well as it has the microphone, on which the human player can try to score a special note and add 1 point to the team's endgame score.

Our practice stage

We are hoping to have a lot of fun this year and get amped up about this season! Hope to see you at one of our competitions!

Our Competitions:

Ann Arbor : 3/15-3/17

Troy 2: 3/28-3/30

For more detailed explanations about this year's game, check out the manual and/or FRC's official felid description playlist!

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