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FRC Crescendo Dean' s List Nominees!

We've nominated two students for the 2024 Dean's List! What is the Dean's List? The Dean's List is recognition given to two students on the team who exhibit exemplary behavior and put in the work to make the season the best they can while doing their part to expand other people's interest in robotics and help others or newcomers to learn and hone their skills. Below is a button to a document listing the full requirements.

Now for the Grand Reveal...

Who have we nominated for Dean's List?

Ian Atwater of Mott High School and

Dylan Powers of Kettering High School!

Ian was nominated for this award because he is a willing job taker when anything is needed in the build space, he was willing to learn how to build gear boxes when nobody there knew how. Ian also shows leadership when it comes helping out with existing projects and leading new projects to completion. Ian also helped merge the two school's teams together by advocating for more presence from both schools by going to registration for both schools, and telling everyone he can about robotics.

Dylan was nominated for this award because he shows that he is is charismatic while instilling that anyone can do robotics due to his presence in other robotics activities like summer camps. Dylan also shows passion in building the robot because of his work with CAD and his ability to break down a part of the robot to have better understanding. Dylan also is very charismatic when it comes interacting with other members, he is always kind and never gets mad, even if someone makes a stupid mistake.

Our Deas's List nominees will be announced at Troy 2, we will see you there!

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