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our robots

FRC 2020-2021

infinte recharge at home: Ewok

This season was a different one because of the real life challenges that affected it. The competitions were all online, with the goal for our robot to be able to drive through a small obstacle course following a certain pattern. 3098 also had to design our very own game and present it to First. The challenges faced this year were very different, but we overcame them.

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2021 OCCRA

Rob Zippy 3098

Rob Zippy was our robot for the 2021 OCCRA season, Soccer Shootout. Due to this robot and a certain  teammates very aggressive defensive driving, we got to be a semifinalist in this competition. This is proof something held together by zip ties can succeed.

FRC 2022

Doug the robot

Doug was the robot we used for the 2022 FRC season. The man, the myth, the legend, Doug was a machine... quite literally. Doug could accurately shoot from 22ft away into the high goal. Just remember, stay away from the auton, or else...


OCCRA 2022

Harold THe robot

Harold was used for the 2022 OCCRA game, High Rise. The robot featured a 2 stage elevator system, a severe rapid unscheduled disassembly problem - dropping its claw mid match, and an attitude, sporting 6 inch googly eyes. Harold quickly became one of the most loved robots at its second competition.

FRC 2023

Doug too

Doug Too was used for the 2023 FRC game, CHARGED UP. Yes, the man himself is back, and he's better than ever.. Watch out for he will rise to the top!

Doug Too has googly eyes, a claw like no other that we built before, pneumatically powered by 6 tanks, new bumpers, mini sims to run the drivetrain, and we modified a climber in a box to work for extending the arm.

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