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What is OCCRA?

Oakland County Competitive Robotics Association, or OCCRA for short, is a low-cost robotics competition which gives valuable experience to rookie students and new teams. OCCRA competes before FRC in the late fall. OCCRA games are usually simpler and easier to play than FRC games while still including challenges and interesting strategical hurdles. OCCRA limits adult design and fabrication, specialized machinery, and part cost to keep competition alive. The robots weigh approximately 110 pounds and are student designed and built.


On the field, two teams of two robots compete to score points. Whoever has the most points at the end of the match wins. The robots are driven and controlled by two students using VEX V5 controllers. One drives the robot, and one controls everything else, such as the intake, shooter, and climber. Each team need to work together with their teammates to score and defend the other team. While contact is allowed, this isn't "like that battlebots show on TV".


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Our Challengers

Wilbert - 2023

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Harold - 2022

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R.O.B. - 2021

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