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*UPDATE* FRC Charged Up: Dean's List

We've nominated two students for the 2023 Dean's List! First (pun intended) what is the Dean's List? Dean's List is recognition in FRC given to students on the team who exhibit exemplary behavior, put in the work to make this season the best they can, do their part to expand people's interest in robotics and help others to learn and hone their skills. Below is a button to a document listing the full requirements.

Now for the Grand Reveal...

Who have we nominated for Dean's List?

Gavin Wagner of Mott High School and

Mia Schipono of Kettering High School!

Speaking of Gavin and Mia, they were recently interviewed on WSD Voice, as well as one of our mentors Sarah Yates. WSD Voice is a podcast dedicated to talking about the goings on in our school district linked below is the video starting when the interview starts.

More updates soon coming to a website near you! See you soon!

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